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The Ladies of LAO: Trial by Jury
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This community is for discussion, fan fiction, screencaps, and icons of the lovely ladies of the new NBC show Law and Order: Trial By Jury. If you love Bebe Neuwirth or Amy Carlson, if you're still heartbroken over the loss of Stephanie March from SVU, or if you've also noticed, in just a few short episodes, the sparks already flying between Tracey Kibre and Kelly Gaffney, then join us!

For the most part, feel free to post about anything you want that involves the leading ladies of Trail by Jury, but here are a few ground rules:

*Please post all images, icons, screencaps, fan fiction (rated, please!) and spoilers behind an lj-cut.
*No flaming or offensive language towards other users. Ever.
*Feel free to let us all know about other great, related communities.